How do I care for my hat?

Different hats and materials require different levels of care and maintenance. Please refer to our Hat Care page for detailed information about caring for your hat.

Will my hat shrink or stretch?

If your hat features a natural leather sweat band, there will always be some natural shrinkage over time. We usually allow for about half a size maximum, and recommend that if you are between sizes; that you choose the larger.

What is your returns and exchange policy?

Please refer to our Returns and Exchange Policy.

Are your hats all made in Australia?

City Hatters stocks hats from all over the world, including the UK, USA, New Zealand, Italy, France and here in Australia.

Please refer to the product description for your hat’s origin.

Is my waterproof ?

If your hat is made from rabbit fur felt, it is fine to wear in the rain, just make sure it is allowed to dry naturally.

Kangaroo and cow leather hats are pre-treated with a water , but may need to be re-treated occasionally, depending on how often they are worn.

Wool felt hats are not waterproof, and may shrink or warp if worn in the rain.

Please refer to the product tag for specific care instructions.

Can I fold or crush my hat?

Most hats are not designed to be folded or crushed.

City Hatters do stock a handful of hats that are designed to be rolled or folded, as mentioned in the product descriptions.

We do recommend that you only fold or roll your hat for short periods of time - for - and never do so for storage or if your hat is wet.

Can I pay for my hat over the phone?

Yes you can!
Please call our friendly staff to organise and have your card and preferred postal address ready.
All tracking numbers will be emailed out. 

Promotional Vouchers & Coupons.

City Hatters reserve the right to withdraw, alter or update promotional discounts, vouchers and coupons at any time. 

Media Loans/Event Loans

We unable to assist with requests for hire of stock.

pleas contact us directly for enquiries relating to external promotional usage, event hire, fashion parades or similar events.